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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Complete MAC vs Sigma Brush Chart w/ Prices and Function

Look anywhere on the web and you will see that MAC Cosmetics are the top dog in the cosmetic world. From their eyeshadows to their brushes, they rule. Unfortunately with such a high profile name comes the high end price tag as well. While they might not be the most expensive cosmetic company out there, they are certainly out of reach for many women. Dupes of their products are very popular on the Internet.

Fortunately, through the careful research of makeup gurus everywhere, more and more women are able to get their hands on items that are similar, many of the same quality that MAC has become famous for. This includes a line of brushes from a company called Sigma. In fact, their brushes are so similar that until recently, their brushes were numbered to mirror that of the MAC brushes. A MAC 150 powder brush was numbered as a SS150 with Sigma. Sigma now has their own number system but has not lost their reputation as being the closes replicas in terms of quality and functionality to MAC Cosmetic brushes.
The problem most women faced was that one the number system changed, they were at a loss as to what brush was comparable to which MAC brush. This is where I was. I was watching tutorial after tutorial where MAC brushes were featured, and I knew I wanted to get my hands on these Sigma brushes but didn't know which ones to get now that all the brushes' numbers had changed.

So I did some research myself. I found lots of lists of the brush comparisons but nothing that listed ALL of them. I wanted a list that had every MAC brush that's on the market now and what its dupe Sigma brush counterpart was. So for all those lost women out there, looking for a compiled and complete list...here you are!

This list contains every MAC brush that is available for sale and every Sigma brush available for sale as of today, November 2nd, including today's most recent prices and even a list of what the brush is used for, for those women who know they want a complete and quality cosmetic brush collection but aren't so sure what each and every brush does. Please be sure to link this back to me- I put a lot of work into this and its only fair to give credit where credit is due, right?
TOTAL SAVINGS: $862.50 !!!!

For even further savings, be sure to order the Premium Professional Kit with brush roll and the Eye Kit. This will give you just about all of the brushes at a savings rather then building your collection brush by brush (plus you will have that really nice brush roll to boot!). These two collections are on my Christmas list (hint, hint to the hubby!)

To order Sigma brushes visit http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=23807 


  1. I have MAC brushes & wanna try Sigma. Thought about buying the kits for my artists. I've seen some good YouTube videos about them. One girl I can't remember did a really good one.
    What do you do for Sigma now?

  2. I just am an affiliate...I get a little commission if someone buys from them using the links I post. So if u do buy kits be sure to use the link I provided! :)